about Lindsay

Lindsay has lived around the Worcestershire area for the majority of her life. Lindsay’s most cherished passions are her two horses and being outdoors in the fresh air. Her interest in Equine studies first started when she was very young. She has nurtured this hobby into an education, gaining various qualifications in Equine Sciences, Riding and natural horsmanship. It was mainly through her love of horses that Lindsay first generated her appeal in the Bowen Technique.

from Lindsay

“The Bowen treatment is essentially holistic, treating the whole body and helping it to maintain the natural state of homeostasis. It is a non-invasive, very relaxing experience and is regularly and successful used as a treatment on Horses also. In 2006, after being convinced myself about the technique, I began my training with the European College of Bowen Studies. I qualified as a Bowen Therapist in 2007; becoming a registered MBTPA Member of the Bowen Therapy Professional Association. I also added to my education by completing ITECS in Anatomy and Physiology. At the end of 2007, I had begun the exciting adventure of starting my own business in Bowen Therapy. It seemed logical to combine my life experience and passions into one and create a career from aspects that I live my life by. I am a great believer that if you take good care of yourself, it can rub off on the people that surround you, creating positive feedback both mentally and physically. The Bowen Technique is the most user-friendly therapy that I have ever experienced. I have primarily learnt my skills in human function and the muscular-skeletal form, however they can be utilised for anything you, as the client, need the treatment to encompass.”

future Lindsay

Lindsay has many aspirations for the future, Lindsay completed her equine Bowen therapy in 2010, and continued her training in Australia with the International College of Smart Bowen Therapy. Lindsay spread her wings in 2013 and took the business further by teaching Equine and Canine Smart Bowen in the UK from the summer of 2015. Lindsay’s has a keen interest in the benefit of Bowen for Mother and Baby, (TMJ) Tempo-mandibular Joint disfunction and Lymphatic drainage are all areas Lindsay can cover. Please contact Lindsay directly if you have any questions or enquires into the services she can offer.

qualified Lindsay

Lindsay is registered with:

Bowen Therapist Professional Association (BTPA)

Registered with Therapy Directory

International Institute of Complementary Therapies (IICT)

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