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Bowen helps the Body’s healing intelligence. The body has an innate self-healing intelligence. This innate intelligence communicates with the body through the vehicle of the nervous system. There are a number of theories as to how the technique works. It is thought that through the Bowen moves, messages are sent deep into the body via the nervous system retrieving cellular memory of a balanced and relaxed way of being. Muscles may relax almost immediately resulting in a reduction of pain.Conditions that may be helped by Bowen Technique include:


* Low Back Pain
* Neck Pain
* Frozen Shoulder
* Migraines / Headaches
* Whiplash
* Tennis Elbow
* Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
* Arthritic Pain
* TMJ Syndrome
* Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
* Fibromyalgia / ME
* Postural Problems
* Scoliosis
* Gait Disorders
* Leg Length Discrepancies
* Plantar Fascitis
* Shin Splints
* Foot and Ankle Problems
* Hernia
* Knee and Hip Restrictions
* Pelvic Problems
* Repetitive Strain Injury
* Sciatica
* Tinnitus
* Stress
* Torticollis (muscle spasm of the neck)
* Sporting Injuries

Respiratory Problems

* Asthma
* Bronchitis
* Coughs / Colds
* Hayfever
* Sinusitis
* Glandular fever

Digestive Problems

* Constipation / Diarrhea
* Indigestion
* Bowel Problems
* Gastrointestinal Problems
* Hiatal Hernia

Gynecological Problems

* Premenstrual Problems
* Breast Problems
* Mastitis
* Over / Under Production of Milk
* Infertility Problems

what to expect

A Bowen session is performed on skin or through light clothing. The client usually lies on a massage table, bed, or can be seated in a chair (in the case of a heavily pregnant women, elderly person with little mobility or if you are unable to comfortably lie down on a bed or massage table for any other reason) Sessions generally last between 20 mins to 1 hour.

Bowen moves generally progress from the spine outward to the extremities, depending on the clients needs. There are frequent pauses between the moves when the practitioner may leave the room. These pauses allow the clients body time to respond and integrate the moves allowing the healing process to begin. This is why it is important for the client to relax quietly to allow the brain time to ‘hear’ the information that is being given. This is also why no music is played and talking is kept to a minimum unless the client feels the need to express something to the practitioner.

your first bowen session

Drink plenty of water beforehand
Wear loose comfortable clothing
We will go through the client questionnaire
Begin balancing of the clients body so we can identify problem areas to be addressed in future sessions

It’s as simple as that! No hassle, no stress just relaxation, restoration and recovery.

contact details




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24 Worcester Road,
Malvern, Worcestershire
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Phone: 44 (0) 1684 574 888

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  1. Cynthia Hunt says:

    Dear Lindsay

    I am writing to ask if you can help me deal with a rather painful verruca on my left foot.

    I have tried over the counter remedies and also a choropodist but to no avail and it has become more and more painful.

    I wonder if you can help.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Lindsay says:

    Dear Cynthia,

    I hope you are well, sorry for the very late reply! I am afraid I could only help with the symptoms that it may create, such as possibly help reduce the inflammation but not get rid of the verruca. I do know of a clinic that has removed verruca’a before in Malvern, would you like me to sort out the information for you?


    Lindsay Holder

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