Letitia 8 years old home bred 12.2 bay mare.

Download photo.JPG (129.4 KB) Latitia Competes at unaffiliated dressage at Prelim level and does showing with my 9 year old daughter. Letitia went to Byrds under 25 Champs last August where she tripped going into canter so badly that she fell onto her knees and Hannah my daughter had no choice but to fall off. We thought no more of it than it was just one of those things. Then it happened again twice in training and Hannah fell off again. So I took advice off a physio who recommended that her back should be X-rayed under the middle of the saddle where she was sensitive and the front left leg scanned which I did. The injury to the leg turned out to be old and fleshy. But with the back it was suggested by the vet to work Latitia whilst on painkillers to see if the performance and outline improved. (She was going quite hollow and against the hand and her wither had flattened out). This is when I enlisted the help of Lindsay Holder as my sister had had success with a couple of horses Lindsay had treated. Lindsay came and advised me that to improve she would need regular treatment to begin with. Lindsay came every week for 3 weeks and we started seeing an improvement straight away. After the first treatment the pain had gone from her back and after the 3 treatments her back had changed shape and the wither had become more prominent again. Lindsay advised on basic stretches and walking over poles every day with this improvement. There seemed no need to give her any painkiller as the performance couldn’t be better so there seemed no point. Lindsay then treated her every month for a couple of months and now every 2 months for maintenance. After 3 months Letitia was back competing and no longer tripping. L.N Worcester

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